Many people are unaware that the most important tool for catching and landing fish is your fishing rod. The right rod can and does make a difference. Start with a quality rod, then follow some basic principles.

Buzzbaits and spinnerbaits
When using buzzbaits and spinnerbaits, anglers will be casting continuously. A lightweight rod is very important. Sensitivity is also critical because many times the fish will bump the blades of the bait prior to making the actual strike.

Best rod: Lightweight, sensitive, 6 1/2-foot- to 7-foot rod with a medium action and a medium/soft tip.

Crankbaits and topwater lures
Spinnerbaits, crankbaits and topwater lures require continuous casting. Therefor weight is an important factor. Sensitivity (for crankbaits) is also important. A sensitive rod will help you determine what type of structure the bait is contacting. For example, if you know the fish are on a hard clay bottom and your bait is digging into what feels like mud, then you know you are in the wrong location.

Best rod: A lightweight, sensitive, 6- to 7-foot fiberglass rod with a medium action tip or a light action tip, depending on the weight of the lure.

Worms and jigs
When fishing with worms, the two most important factors are sensitivity and weight. Sensitivity is crucial to feel the more subtle bites and weight is important because you will be holding the rod up in the 9 to 10 o’clock positions for long periods of time.

Best rod: A lightweight, highly sensitive rod, 6 1/2 feet to 7 1/2 feet, made of graphite with a medium action and a medium light tip.

Flipping and pitching
Flipping requires the rod be held near the nine o’clock position and making a pendulum motion. Weight is vital when holding the rod up for extended periods of time. Flipping rods are designed for removing fish from heavy cover in shallow water.

Best rod: A lightweight 7 1/2-foot graphite rod with a stiff backbone and a medium fast tip.

Choosing not only a high quality rod, but the correct rod will enhance your fishing and make each trip more successful. You will increase hook sets and you’ll catch more fish. The correct rod can make a difference, Give a ZombieStickz a try and you won’t be disappointed.